The fist time it was a 6 cylinder auto with Air off the dealership floor brought home to cut!!

Yes I had hair at one time (above) 

The roof to the right is made up of the last 6" of the wagon roof needed to end the the body line to look factory and help transition the body lines into the bed. The last 6" of wagon roof was butt welded so there was only a minimum of lead and filler used. All the welded seams of the original were leaded first before plastic filler was applied so welded seams would not show through as ghost seams. 

With the bed done and the tail gate almost done the flares for the quaters were next made from 1/2 electrical conduit. The front flares were a fender kit sold by Carl Green for any pacer. Made of fiberglass the fenders rapped around the front of the car with a front spoiler joining them, the rear were also with the kit but I elected to go with metal on the rear.

Here it is at one of many car shows it was in complete with center console and shag carpeting that were still in it when it came back 30 years later. In one of the shots you will see box speakers behind the seats they were also still in it when I got it back, and they still worked. 

Above is the 1"x1" frame that the bed is built on consuming the back seat area.The rear panel is from a Chevy Luv truck turned in side out and bent on 30 degree angle 

You can see the bed coming together here with card board being used to make templates of more than dozen different pieces of metal to make up the bed area and a door for the spare tire area.

The tail gate was a bit tricky with all sorts of compound curves to make. Using the skin of the gate that use to go up, was now on a set of van door hinges and a tubular frame that would now go down. 


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