The concept drawing on the right is what I'm shooting for. The scale is off a little so it will look close. The tail gate wil be smooth and the license plate will be in the roll pan. The exhaust pipes will not exit there due to the location of the gas tank.

Below is the original tail gate I made from the lift gate shown next to it. The frame of the original will be used but re skinned.

More metal work will be done to make the roll pan/ bumper look molded in but still have room for the gate to swing down without hitting (below). 

 The locking mechanism and opening handle are welded in place so the inner gate panel will hide all but the latch. 

 Above is the gate frame from the first one without the outer skin and below the outer skin is on. Left, the inner tail gate skin is on and removable. Notice the license plate is now in the roll pan below.

The tail lights will be frenched or flush with the body with no chrome around the light. The chrome around the light will be narrowed and ground down to fit flush and not stick up, and then painted the same color as the car so barely noticed.


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